What is R & R Service?

Auto ECM Electronics has a team of in house technicians who have been specially trained to test, diagnose, and repair your module. Our team is equipped with all the necessary tools and testing equipment needed in order to diagnose your issues. Although our technicians will be conducting a thorough test, we do stress to all of our customers that the best test is to be done by the customer on the vehicle  before sending in the ECM in for further diagnosis. Make sure to include any error codes received from a scanner or any wiring diagrams from your certified mechanic. Eliminate all other possibilities like wiring and/or sensor issues.

Each unit that comes in will go through a test/diagnostic service. If the unit passes the test than there would be no need for a rebuild/repair service. If our technicians find that the unit is faulty based on the problems you have stated, then our technicians will repair the unit.  Note, this is all done at the same time and customers will not get a call in advance prior to the repair service. Our goal at Auto ECM Electronics is to return to you a properly functioning module.