Warranty Claims

All gasoline modules purchased come with a LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY. New or additional problems not associated with the original rebuild may be subject to additional fees and/or ECM replacement.
Warranty claims will only be granted to the original purchaser.  Proof of purchase including original receipt, contact information, and/or ID is required.
All warranties will be voided if the module exhibits the following issue(s):
  • Water Damage
  • External/Physical Damage
  • Extensive Corrosion
  • Shorts caused by an external issue such as electrical shorts/problems, faulty wiring
  • Burned Beyond Repair
  • Broken Case or Connectors
  • Rust Contamination
  • Tampering with our seal and opening of case or screws
  • Damage due to vehicular collision
  • Improper Installation
  • Failure to comply with necessary repairs in vehicle in order to prevent reoccurring module failures.

Please fill out the information below to submit a warranty claim. Turn around time may vary from 2 - 10 business days.