Terms & Conditions

Outright & Exchange Warranty

Terms & Conditions

All gasoline modules purchased come with a LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY.  Warranty claims will only be granted to the original purchaser.  Proof of purchase including original receipt, contact information, and/or ID may be required.

All modules must be installed by a certified technician. Please note that most modules will require on-vehicle programming for recognition of anti-theft or security systems for full functionality. AUTO ECM ELECTRONICS is not responsible for any further programming or security settings.

All warranties will be voided if the module exhibits the following issue(s):

  • Water Damage
  • External/Physical Damage
  • Extensive Corrosion
  • Shorts caused by an external issue such as electrical shorts/problems, faulty wiring
  • Burned Beyond Repair
  • Broken Case or Connectors
  • Rust Contamination
  • Tampering with our seal and opening of case or screws
  • Damage due to vehicular collision
  • Improper Installation
  • Failure to comply with necessary repairs in vehicle in order to prevent reoccurring module failures.

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Return Policy

AUTO ECM ELECTRONICS reserves the right to deny any return or exchange.  Absolutely no refunds on freight charges to or from our facility. Any return may be subjected to a 25% restocking fee or standard test fee.  Purchasing a module from AUTO ECM ELECTRONICS for testing and eliminating possible problem areas are prohibited. In the event a control module is suspect of failing, it will be taken care of in accordance to the Warranty Policy.

Rebuild & Repair Service Warranty

All modules sent to Auto ECM Electronics for repair and rebuild service will go through a rigorous test based on the symptoms the customer has specified. Units must be diagnosed properly prior to sending it in for repairs; we have the right to repair the unit without getting authorization from customer. If our technicians find nothing is wrong with the unit then you may be charged a standard test fee.