Security & Programming

Rebuild & Repair Service Programming

Most ECM re-builders will advertise that their R&R Service is 'plug and play' with no programming required. At Auto ECM Electronics we would like to be frank,  generally programming your unit is not required once our technicians have performed a R&R Service to your module. However, there are very small instances that the anti-theft or security settings may have to be reset or reprogrammed on your vehicle. This is a case-by-case basis and may be out of our technicians control and entirely dependent on your specific problem and diagnosis.

Security and Programming on Purchased Units

For most domestic units Auto ECM Electronics may be able to VIN Program and Software Update your module at no additional cost as an added benefit. However,  please note that VIN programming and security programming is not included and should be done on the vehicle in almost all cases for proper functionality.

Downloadable Documents

GM Anti-Theft Key Re-Learn Procedures